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High Speed Spot Welding

WS welding stations revolutionize welding wihtout heating applied to the repair of tools by surfacing. 

With a rate of 50 pulses per second, a very high maximum power, millisecond-long welds and extremely precise current regulation, they enable you to obtain optimal weld quali-ty, very close to laser quality, be it in terms of aspect or resistance, even to extreme stress (shock, shear, pressure, thermal shock, erosion, etc.).

Modèles disponibles: 
WS 5100 S, WS 7000S, WS 10000, WS 10000S

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Recommended accessories

Mobile serving cart

Mobile serving cart equipped by electric cylinder operated by remote control. To use with extended cables.

Switchable permanent magnet hemisphere, which allows flexible and versatile clamping (free rotation) for fine application. Available in two diameters: 100 and 140 mm.


References : 

  • 100 mm diameter : SST-SM-100
  • ...
Stereo microscope with articulated arm for WS

Stereo binocular microscope with articulated arm / Adjustable magnification from x4 to x20 / Cold lighting ring with 60 white light LEDs.

Option: Additive horizontal arm extension Length 215mm and vertical tube extension Length 300mm....