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Plasma Arc Spot Welding

LASE ONE technology is the solution to your delicate surfacing and assembly microwelding problems.

LASE ONE delivers welding intensity with total control and pre-cision, for a wide range of applica-tions, materials and configurations. Efficient, easy to use, compact and versatile, it displays the qualities of pulsed YAG laser welding and the benefits of an electric solution: simplicity and economy.

Modèles disponibles: 
200 . 250 . 300

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Discover our range of accessories and consumables for Lase One generator.

Documents are available for free downloading in PDF format.

Recommended accessories

Mobile serving cart

Mobile serving cart equipped by electric cylinder operated by remote control. To use with extended cables.

Controlled Shutter Welding Mask

Welding helmet for Lase One generator.

Lenses x 2.5 magnification.

LCD shutter generator unit driven.

Reference : LO-MS

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Stereo binocular microscope with shutter generator unit driven / Adjustable magnification from x4 to x20 / Cold lighting ring with 60 white light LEDs - Strong and focused illumination with shadow free - The 60 lights are divided into 4...